5 Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas


What’s up?

I kind of thought today that the most transited room in my house is the kitchen. Maybe I don’t spend most of my time in the kitchen (definitely not – I am a desk room fanatic), but the number of times I enter and exit the kitchen is way above bedroom’s or living room’s number.

Maybe I need to take some juice out of the fridge, I need to eat at least 2 times a day, I am out of water – another visit to the fridge.

Need a banana or an apple? Sure, I will get you both from my kitchen.

These are few scenarios that definitely happen to us frequently. So I thought let’s talk a little bit about some cool Wall Decor for Kitchens ideas.

The Gallary Wall

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

The simple, cool looking wall where you hang some kitchen related utensils, a few canvases, a blackboard and some neat letters. This look will definitely give your kitchen a refresh and your friends a way of starting the conversation.

Fake Fruits Wall Art

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

As Alicia Powell from dyis (where you can find a DIY for this wall decor) says that one of best parts of cooking in the kitchen is working with the colorful foods available.  Why not display those foods as wall art?  For her white kitchen, these shadowboxes filled with faux fruit added a lot of much-needed colors.  It’s simple decor and it doesn’t cost much money at all.

 Fruit Basket Wall Decor

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

And if fake fruits ain’t gonna do it for ya, a fruit basket wall decor it’s both helpful in the kitchen and also a beautiful piece of interior decor. You can paint it as you want to match the overall look of your house. For a DIY tutorial check here.

The Paper Roll Wall Decor for Kitchens

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

Minimalist, functional, and built to last, the Studio Roller, designed by New Zealand-based lifestyle company George & Willy. It was originally built to accommodate a roll of butcher’s paper they found in their grandfather’s old boat shed. However, the simplicity of the design and the functionality it adds to interiors caught the eyes of many. And it’s quickly become a staple in cafes, restaurant, offices, and even homes. I think it is quite a surprising idea, but this shows its uniqueness.

The Green Wall Decor

Wall Decor for Kitchens Ideas

If you are the type that spends most of the time in the kitchen cooking, you know what a difference fresh herbs make to a recipe. This hanging herb garden is a DIY project from HomeMade Modern. It would look great in your kitchen without taking up any precious floor or counter space. Ooh boy, and smells super fresh and vegetalicious.

These were the five ideas. I really hope you liked them and don’t forget to comment which one is your favorite or hit me up with your last DIY project.



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