8 Small Balconies Decoration Ideas

small balcony decorations night

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I was walking in the morning and noticed what a beautiful weather is outside. And as it’s going to be warmer from day to day, I thought that would be a great idea to tell and show you about some balcony decoration ideas. As most balconies aren’t Tyrannosaurus Rex size, (probably yours too) I am going to focus on the smaller ones.

When I picked them, the most important things that I took into consideration are furniture fitting in the so small space and overall decoration aspect. Of course that the view, openness and exterior style are also important. But I suppose that you already have the balcony and can’t do major changes.

So, let’s get started and see some amazing design ideas.

The Simple Look

small balcony decorations

This is the perfect example for a small balcony that is simple and looks awesomely cool. The main element is the hanging chair. The table, the plant stand and the wall wood decorations are perfectly completing the mood of the balcony.

The Plant Lover

small balcony decorations

If you are a plant lover and being around them makes you fell good, this is the perfect balcony for you. The green life in this place gives it a fresh touch. The carpet, the string chair and the scented candles are a perfect match for the overall look. I would love spending some time reading here.

The Elegant Look

small balcony decorations

If you want to drink a coffee and talk with someone close to you before starting your corporate life, this would be the perfect balcony style. The table and the chairs along with the wall plants holder are there just to let you enjoy your quiet morning.

The Boho-Chic Style

small balcony decorations boho style

If you like boho colours, summer is the perfect time to embrace them in your decor. Took the free spirit and casual Bohemian theme and kick up the colour quota by a few notches. The wood background and the stand-out pillows are the things you can start out with. Also, the scented candles should not miss from a boho room design.

The Night Lover

small balcony decorations night

Are you waiting the whole day for the night to come? Maybe this is the perfect balcony for you. Spending some time here in the evening reading, eating a snack or just looking at the landscape can be such a relaxing activity. The candle lamps for the scented candles are definitely the underestimated detail.

The Wood Lover

small balcony decorations wood

Being as close as you can to nature is such a good feeling. And this balcony design offers that exact feeling. Wooden panels on the wall hold ferns and pothos, a table base from an old tree trunk and seating which underneath holds additional storage.

The Cozy Style

small balcony decorations cozy

When I saw this balcony I was amazed. I asked myself why haven’t I thought before to sleep on the balcony. This looks so cozy and the scented candles and the pillows are a perfect fit.

The Romantic Style

small balcony decorations romantic

If you don’t want to go to a fancy restaurant or simply you are not in the mood to get out, this balcony is amazing for a romantic dinner. There are not so many decoration details, but the lights, the ice bucket, the scented candles and the hanging blackboard give this balcony an euphoric feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in a comment below what is your favorite balcony style. 


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