Inspiring Nautical Bedroom Decor Ideas

nautical bedroom decor


What’s up?

Last time I wrote about decoration ideas for small balconies.  I thought it was the perfect time for an article like that. My inspiration was the beautiful weather outside. And now, I am keeping it on the same field.

I love summer and going to the sea or ocean is one of the moments that keep me loving it. And the thing that reminds me of the sea is decorating one of my room in nautical style. This time, the bedroom is the one we are going to talk about.

Oh man, you gotta love those colors. The blue, that sand white and the gorgeous details are going to transport you to the beautiful ocean every time you enter the room.

The overview bedroom look

nautical bedroom bed decor

This is what I am talking about. The simple association of the beautiful marine blue with the sand white takes you in paradise. The simple, yet cool looking pillow cover details and the mirror with the wood circle around it make you feel like you are on a cruise.

nautical bedroom bed

Even if you are not such a fan of the nautical style or of the sea life, you gotta love the spirit of this room. The compass wall decor looks amazing. All the accessories together with the colors bless you with the spirit of a fresh life.

nautical bedroom bed decor

Another part of the bedroom, but the same spirit. The pure white here gives you the feeling of a sunny morning. A perfect place for your mind to open and for you to be productive. Also, the boat looks charming.

nautical bedroom design

The nautical style could also be a perfect fit for a child room. This bed looks absolutely fantastic, it’s magical. The details are also a perfect match for the overall design. Canvaseshand lamps, hangings, the hanging flags look amazing together without overfilling the space.

nautical bedroom decor

This is more of a classic look. Maybe a farmhouse or a cottage placed somewhere quiet would be the place for this room style. The life belt is a touch of color that also suggest me that nautical life.

The perfect accessories

We saw some beautiful bedroom designs. But what if you don’t want to redesign the entire bedroom. Maybe you just want a subtle touch of the nautical decor.

No problem. We got you covered with the next accessories. They will surely be the final touch that perfectly complements your room style.

nautical bedroom decor

The cord lamp that can be placed anywhere from the bedroom to the dinning room. It looks different and special and certainly will be asked where you get it from.

nautical bedroom lamp

This nautical style lamp with the compass painting or sticker are a great replacement for the old boring  chandelier.

nautical bedroom decor mirror

The mirror wrapped with this white cord is subtle, but not to overlook. You can also do it by yourself as a little project. If you have a round mirror, you just need some cord and hot glue to wrap it around. And you are done.

nautical bedroom design

The goodies on the shelves. Twinkle twinkle little start and ahoy sailor should not miss from any nautical lover room.

nautical bedroom design

The hand lamp over the log wrapped with yellow cord should be a perfect do it yourself little project to emphasize you room design.

Hope you liked my little decoration tips and please let me know in a comment below what is your favorite one and hit me with one of your ideas.




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